About Trigyan

Trigyan’s mission was inspired by Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s vision of linked data and the semantic web. To achieve this goal, Trigyan developed GLIDE, an AI-powered, pure-play linked semantic data stack that can produce and consume linked data at scale. Linked data principles have been adopted by data-driven companies like Google, LinkedIn and Facebook, which in turn created a vast data economy.

  • Over the last four years, we have iterated over building our horizontal data stack. Today, we have achieved a product maturity of 50-60%, although most of the linked data management functions are in place. Our goals in 2022 are to create industry ontologies for big pharma and tier one banks, as well as to accelerate our product to 100% maturity. To create industry ontologies, we are looking to partner with big pharma companies and banks, to gain domain knowledge and build ontologies that are specific to that industry. Finally, to accelerate development of our capabilities, we look to partner with other technology vendors that can solve a specific business vertical, like graph mining, knowledge graph visualization, machine learning, blockchain and more.

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