GLIDE is a Semantic Data Stack, that enables your enterprise to incrementally and continuously build a powerful and insightful knowledge graph.Trigyan is a knowledge graph company in the business of monetizing your data initiatives.

One Unified Toolset – 10 Tools in 1 Application

Eliminate redundant and outdated tooling. Reduce your data movement. Use one connected application for all your data operations. GLIDE provides a connected ecosystem for your data and metadata, finally solving the fragmented data problem that data lakes and silos create.

Instead of lists and tables, Glide’s upper ontology and knowledge graphs organize and represent information using entities and the relationships between those entities.

Proper governance and ownership across all your data assets make the data owner the center of focus in data management powering a knowledge worker culture.

GLIDE gives you a single expressive way to:

• Define your data, data assets, information governance and data governance.
• Your data classification, data policies, data quality rules, and data lineage.
• Your data and datasets – GLIDE unifies all of your data and all its possible connections.
• API-based data access that enables in-place data use cases without connected datasets.
• Leverage your data investments by creating virtual data graphs that can be seamlessly connected to linked data sets.
• Auto creation & evolution of an ever-expanding enterprise data catalog.

No Vendor Lockout – Don’t let the Vendors Dictate the cost of your data

The design of typical data tooling keeps enterprises lost in a stream of endless data. Glide provides several capabilies right out of the box, so you can finally eliminate the use of redundant tooling, with its accompanying cost.

– The market offers multiple tools for managing data, and transforming it into knowledge.

Trigyan has vertical tools to manage everything from data elements to data models.
From metadata management to data vocabulary, we have vertical tools to manage and maintain them, too.
From information governance to data governance, we have verticals to manage this capability
From MDM to business data management we have tools to manage these data assets.
Data contained in one software package may be difficult or impractical to export to another system. Vendors want to keep customers and their data dependent on their particular system. Glide eliminates the need for multiple data tools reducing the cost of managing your data.

Data Driven Use Cases- Monetize the ever-expanding data ecosystem

Companies today have an abundance of data, but still don’t know how to use it. Most of that data provides bad insights, because it’s not curated and stored properly on the left side of the pipeline. Glide connects you to the linked data ecosystem so you can benefit from linked data that is both internal and external to your enterprise.

Data-Driven Use Case Enablement

As data practitioners, many of us work mainly on the data supply side.

We collect and generate data, then represent, integrate, store, and make it accessible through data models. Finally, we get it ready for use and exploitation.

Other data practitioner roles work mainly on the data exploitation side.

We use data to build predictive, descriptive, and insightful analytic solutions, as well as build and power,AI applications.

However, many of us wear both hats. In the end, we all have the same mission: to derive value from data.

This mission is often compromised by something called “the semantic gap”. The situation arises when the data models of the supply side are misunderstood and misused by the exploitation side. This also can occur when the data requirements of the exploitation side are misunderstood by the supply side. In both cases, the problem is caused by insufficient or problematic modeling of the data’s semantics.

Glide provides a simple and easy way to express data attributes and their relationships providing an easy way to build data-driven applications quicker, cheaper and on-demand.

Banking and Finance:

  • Risk Management
    • Know your enterprise’s financial risks. Linked Data continuously checks the quality and validity of your data, so you can forecast and evaluate your enterprise’s exposure.
    • GLIDE assists you by providing procedures for avoiding risk exposure.

  • Customer Master Data
  • Trade Life Cycle
  • Universal Product Management (Linked MDM)
  • Contract Management
  • Security Master (Linked MDM)


  • Research and development :

    With the insights gained from historical and real-time data sources such as social media, Iot sensors, log files, and patient data, pharma companies can generate informative analytics. This is one of the biggest benefits of big data analytics in the pharmaceutical industry. By collecting large volumes of data generated at the different stages of the value chain from drug discovery to real world usage, they can employ big data analytics and gain useful insights that are beneficial for research and development.

  • Linked data analytics in clinical trials and precision medicine
  • Linked data analytics in sales and marketing
  • Predictive Analytics

Health Care

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